Technical Difficulties

Hiking in Istalif

Sorry for my delay in having new posts up about my time here. On top of a very hectic schedule I have unfortunately been experiencing some technical difficulties.

Namely that my computer, after a few intense days and evenings of preparing a series of lectures and exercises on research methodology for the 3rd year students, has called it quits, I hope just temporarily! Luckily for me it was polite enough to go on strike precisely fifteen minutes after I finished up all my work related to the lectures…very considerate really! Good thing for external hard drives, mine saved the day!

Gem-cutting student at work

Keeping up to date with internet correspondence here is not a case of simply popping to your local internet cafe. I am going to be lent a computer in the next day or two while my lovely Mac is off sick… (Macs are great, but it turns out not so great or practical in Afghanistan as there are few technicians here who know how to work on Mac operating systems! If anyone reading this knows of a Mac technician here in Kabul please drop me a line!!)

So, computer permitting, check back soon for more posts about the earthquake I experienced here, about my hiking trip to the valleys surrounding the mountain village of Istalif and about my time with the jewellery and gem cutting students as they prepare for an exhibition showcasing their works this Friday!

This post is courtesy of the lovely Faisal from the Finance Team here at Turquoise Mountain who has kindly lent me the use of his computer to post this. Yay Faisal!

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